PREMOX Science

Well this is probably just for the geekiest of wine lovers, but an interesting article about a problem that plagues white burgundy and burg lovers. Dr Valerie Lavigne talks about her 10 years of study into Premox.  Just a couple thoughts and reflections.

1.  Vine Vigor- This seems to go in the opposite direction of common practices that prefer hydric stress to cause deeper roots and more layers. Has there been continued drought conditions in Burgundy? And will this lead to Burgundy producers drip irrigating?  Will be interesting to watch.

2. Solids in the wine- I think there are plenty of good qualitative reasons to keep a good amount of solids, but find it hard to believe that this problem continued after the first year with the new presses.  Im also dubious about the Doctors turn in attention discussed earlier in the article, if solids is an issue, I have to imagine the reds of bordeaux should be ok, I think perhaps its a case of fishing where the fish are when it comes to dollars.

3. Wide 1st ferment and Malic Ferment gap – This seems interesting, I didn’t know that having a gap of 5-6 mo was a thing that was done, and wonder what the benefits are to that.


Couple Side notes, I have seen a couple of the closures that ponsot has moved to, I’m Excited to see how those wines age.  and secondly its great to see a female as the scientist and in the wine industry, both are notoriously male driven, the cross section must be the worst.

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