No, electron swapping is not like wife swapping.

So really no need to read this article unless you like geeking out on wine science.  the jist – reduction occurs in oxygen-phobic winemaking and in mild cases can just blow off with air exposure, in bad cases drop a penny in, not sure why but seems to work.  Oh and also Kerith Overstreet, M.D is a lady who may have had a wife-swapping gone awry as she compares the benign electron swapping with wife swapping and at least cops to the electron swapping being ‘better.’

In either case, I think that I’m still not feeling fully informed on the subject, Dr Overstreet does a nice job of talking about NADH and how it oxidizes and reduces in the fermentation cycle, but as Alan Meadows points out the introduction of oxygen and ‘remedying’ the reduced notes happen in post malo.  if the reason for the taste is the result of non transformed acetylaldehyde, I guess I understand, but thats not so clear, but I’ll have to read more as to how oxygen or copper help the situation.  Will report back as I read further.


After a bit of snooping this wine anorak article seems more comprehensive though you are going to read about screwcap reduction for a while…

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