Esca – Parce Que


Yeah I know you aren’t interested in trunk diseases, but I ought to be, so that is why these are going here.  Esca apoplexy sounds impressive too, so you now have that going for you too.

imw asked about this particular disease in 2015 –

Looks like Esca is part of a family of fungi affecting the woody parts of plants and spreads its spores during the spring and fall rainy season and attacks open wood wounds from the pruning cuts.  This seems to be true for Eutypa Dieback (which I had heard of) and also Botryosphaeria dieback, and Phomopsis dieback (which I hadn’t); these pathogens are part of the Diatrypaceae family.

Prevention is touted as the best solution as this disease affects most other farmed wooded fruits in CA as well as many indigenous trees, and seems inevitable to affect all the vineyards of CA.  once onset happens they suggest Sanitation and Vine Surgery. The sanitation carefully cuts off affected wood and eliminates it from fields, and vine surgery retrains cordons or more successfully new trunks, so as to not lose productivity.

Prevention is presented as delayed pruning (February), double pruning (early winter machine pruning that cuts down to a foot+ left and hand pruning to create spurs in February)  or treating cuts with protective coatings.

They say delayed pruning may not be possible, I wonder what would preclude it especially if its a best practice.  This I need to read more but has a year round pest management guidelines and more information on other Pests.

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