Biggest mistakes about Matt Kramer’s 3 Biggest Modern Wine Mistakes

Matt Kramer (MK) has some solid suggestions here, 1. Use large wine glasses for vintage, extended lees aging, and I’ll add for rosé Champagne.  2. Quality of the final wine is whats important over process of production. 3. You need to go find great wines, they aren’t coming to you. However I think that these are far from the biggest mistakes, not or many modern problems.

Matt Says that vintage champagne has to be lees aged for three years, and thats pretty close to true, but in truth the wine needs three years total elevage ( aged in bottle) with at least 1 year on the lees aging.  I know Im splitting hairs but Im self important and like to hear my self type, in either case He is right to say that 5 years for the canadian wine is a long aging on the lees.  But I think more important than using a oversized glass for rich champagne it is more important to buy yourself shear rim glasses.  Yes, that means that you will lose a glass every now and again but it makes it much better to spend the money on shear rimmed glasses than ruining the nice wines you (more…)